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About Characters


Tales of Luminaria consists of 21 main playable characters with varying degrees of perspectives and playstyles. In addition, there are a variety of side characters that help support or conflict with the decisions made by the 21 main characters, helping give a better understanding of the World of Luminaria.

List of Playable Characters

JF Banner.png Jerle Federation LeoIcon.png Leo Fourcade CeliaIcon.png Celia Arvier MichelleIcon.png Michelle Bouquet LisetteIcon.png Lisette Regnier
LucienIcon.png Lucien Dufaure MaximeIcon.png Maxime Hasselmans VanessaIcon.png Vanessa Morax YelsyIcon.png Yelsy Tw'elteu Huainaz'jin
GE Banner.png Gildllan Empire AugustIcon.png August Wallenstein AlexandraIcon.png Alexandra Von Sonne BastienIcon.png Bastien Forge LaplaceIcon.png Laplace
HugoIcon.png Hugo Simon GaspardIcon.png Gaspard Herbet AmelieIcon.png Amelie Laurence FalkIcon.png Falk
Adv Banner.png Adventurers EdouardIcon.png Edouard Rouquier LydieIcon.png Lydie Delacroix AnaMariaIcon.png Ana-Maria Marschner CharlesIcon.png Charles
RaoulIcon.png Raoul

List of Side Characters

  • Clay
  • Joyce
  • Divine Queen Elchu
  • Vicar Kanon
  • Karin
  • Grace Menil
  • Ollie
  • Lucina
  • Frederick Logerot
  • Disa
  • Bertina STern
  • Agnes
  • Demoulin
  • Nicola
  • Salim

Playable Characters


All playable characters have three stats: Health Points (HP), Attack (Atk), and Defense (Def). These stats determine the survivability and strength of the character. The stats are determined from the base stats of the character, ally bonuses, and the armor/weapons/accessories equipped.

Base Stats

Each playable character have starting stats for HP, Atk, and Def. The total starting base amount of points is 200 and how that's split between the three stats varies per playable character. Each character level will increase these base stats by a specific amount depending on the new level.

Refer to Stats and Tutorials for more information on leveling.

All characters share base stats with at least one other character excluding Bastien. Below is a table with the starting base stats of each character.

Starting Base Stats
Character Base HP Base Atk Base Def
LeoIcon.png Leo Fourcade 120 40 40
CeliaIcon.png Celia Arvier 80 70 50
MichelleIcon.png Michelle Bouquet 80 70 50
LisetteIcon.png Lisette Regnier 100 60 40
LucienIcon.png Lucien Dufaure 100 40 60
MaximeIcon.png Maxime Hasselmans 100 60 40
VanessaIcon.png Vanessa Morax 120 40 40
YelsyIcon.png Yelsy Tw'elteu Huainaz'jin 100 40 60
AugustIcon.png August Wallenstein 80 70 50
AlexandraIcon.png Alexandra Von Sonne 120 40 40
BastienIcon.png Bastien Forge 120 60 20
LaplaceIcon.png Laplace 80 70 50
GaspardIcon.png Gaspard Herbet 100 40 60
HugoIcon.png Hugo Simon 120 40 40
AmelieIcon.png Amelie Laurence 100 40 60
FalkIcon.png Falk 100 40 60
EdouardIcon.png Edouard Rouquier 100 40 60
LydieIcon.png Lydie Delacroix 80 70 50
AnaMariaIcon.png Ana-Maria Marschner 120 40 40
CharlesIcon.png Charles 120 40 40
RaoulIcon.png Raoul 100 40 60

Ally Bonus


Ally bonus is a special stat increase from other characters that share the same faction as the selected playable character. Each ally will increase HP, Atk, and Def separately and the increase % (rounded down) is based on the faction that's doing the bonus. Below are the increase % per stat for each faction.

Ally Bonuses
Faction HP Bonus Atk Bonus Def Bonus
JF Banner.png Jerle Federation 12.5% 8.0% 8.0%
GE Banner.png Gildllan Empire 12.5% 8.0% 8.0%
Adv Banner.png Adventurers 25.0% 13.5% 13.5%


Costumes and Mystic Artes


Each playable character can equip up to 5 costumes that are unique to that character. Equipping an costume allows the playable character to receive the passive associated with that costume along with the stat bonus. If the costume isn't equipped, not only will they not get the Def stat benefit from that costume, but also won't receive the passive.

In addition, the playable character can be equipped with 1 mystic arte. This is equipped separately from costumes, but is dependent on the costumes you own. Only 4FourS.png and 5FiveS.png costumes will have a mystic arte associated with them. The higher the rarity, the stronger the mystic arte.

Refer to Equipment for more information on costumes.

Weapons and Artes


Each playable character can equip up to 5 main weapons and 5 sub weapons. Main weapons are selectable by the player and allow the playable character to gain the Atk stat bonus and associated passive to the weapon. If the weapon isn't equipped, not only will they not get the Atk stat benefit from that weapon, but also won't receive the passive. However, the main weapons can only be the specific weapon type that character can equip.

Sub weapons give an Atk stat bonus that's 10% (rounded down) of the Atk stat of the weapon. Unlike main weapons, they can be any weapon type and are automatically chosen based on the strength of the weapons the player owns. The player is unable to switch out sub weapons. An equipped main weapon cannot be a sub weapon.

In addition, the playable character can be equipped with 2 artes. This is equipped separately from weapons, but is dependent on the weapons you own. Only 4FourS.png and 5FiveS.png weapons will have an arte associated with them. The higher the rarity, the stronger the arte.

Refer to Equipment for more information on weapons.



Each playable character can equip up to 10 accessories. Accessories give stat bonuses to HP, Atk, and Def to the playable character and the associated passive to the accessory. If the accessory isn't equipped, not only will they not get the stat benefits from that accessory, but also won't receive the passive. Accessories will be the main source of HP for the character excluding their levels.

Refer to Equipment for more information on accessories.



Each playable character can equip up to 2 dishes. Dishes have various effects where the strength of the effects are dependent on the preference on the character that uses it. Once a dish runs out, it is no longer equippable. However, if a dish runs out while it's equipped, the dish will stay equipped until it is unequipped.

Refer to Dishes for more information on dishes.

LOOK and Character Aesthetics


The LOOK Page allow you to equip attachments, costumes, and weapons onto your character as their main design. There are also 12 different poses/actions for the character to do:

  • Battle Start
  • Run
  • Dodge
  • Backward Dodge
  • Finding Treasure
  • Gather 1
  • Gather 2
  • Gather 3
  • Trigger Arte 1
  • Trigger Arte 2
  • Trigger Arte 3
  • Kneel

Every character does a unique animation for all these poses/actions and the overlay can be removed to have a clear look at the character for screenshot purposes.

Refer to Equipment for more details on attachments and the respective character page for more details on their costumes, weapons, and poses.

Power Rankings


Power rankings shows the faction, level, and total power of all 21 playable characters. The characters are ranked against each other purely based on their total power. There is no other benefit to this page than to see your favorites reach the top.