Jerle Federation

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About the Jerle Federation (JF)

Jerle Federation, also just referred to as the "Federation", is a religious group of states ruled by Vicar Kanon, the Holy Maiden of Origin the Creator. Its people worship mana and the Primordial Beasts, believing them to be holy. The Federation consists of five nations: Temenos Archonis, Silvayer Forestdom, Amr Qhagan, Huazar League, and Odrgard Peakdom. Important political issues are decided by the federal congress, attended by leaders of the chief nations and presided over by the Vicar.

JF Playable Characters

Jerle Federation Army

The military force where all the Federation's knights are affiliated. In addition to rank-and-file soldiers, its troops also contain an Order of Stigmata Knights, a force of Embleo-wielding knights led by Knight Commander Bertalan. Not much is known about it but it also incorporates an intelligence unit called the Shade Corps.