Gildllan Empire

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About the Gildllan Empire (GE)

Gildllan Empire, also just referred to as the "Empire", is a technologically advanced superpower ruled by the current Emperor Sigismund. Comprised of land originally known as the "Gildlla Wilderness," the "Dark Caves of Shayor," and the "Miasui Icedom," its unique Reactor technology, which efficiently harnesses mana from the Primordial Beasts, has drastically improved the quality of life for its citizens. However, Vicar Kanon and the rulers of the Jerle Federation who worship the Primordial Beasts, saw this as "heretical misuse" of holy mana, leading to the Empire seceding from the Federation. The resulting rift later resulted in the Anathema War between the two sides.

GE Playable Characters

Gildllan Imperial Army

A military force under the command of the emperor and chancellor. Many of its soldiers are equipped with Reactors, and while it is inferior to the Federation army when it comes to sheer numbers, it surpasses them in fighting strength. It is also home to the Alpha Generals, also known as the "Wolves," who are a team of officers who answer to no one but the emperor himself; their overwhelming fighting abilities enable them to conduct military operations solo.

Continental Palace

A vital research facility engaged in cutting-edge Imperial technology. It is protected by a forbidding security system, and many of the facility's sections are off-limits to anyone other than the chancellor himself.