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Basic Info Outfits
Gender Male
Birthday August 22, Year 982
Place of Birth Unknown
Affiliation Gildllan Empire
Weapon Type Twin Blade
English VA Clifford Chapin
Japanese VA Kohsuke Tanabe

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Basic and Charge Attacks

Still in-work

Attack Name Damage Modifier Crit Rate Ailment Notes
Combo Hit 1 65.00% x2 -100.00%
Combo Hit 2 35.00% x2 -100.00%
Combo Hit 3 45.00% x2 -100.00%
Combo Hit 4 140.00% x2 5.00%
Parry 250.00% 5.00%
Blade Throw (Connection) 45.00% x2 -100.00%
Pull Attack (Grapple Kick) 200.00% -100.00%
Jump Attack (Grapple Splash) 120.00% x2 5.00%

Armors and Mystic Artes

Costume Rarity Costume Passive Mystic Arte Info Charge
Daily Wear (Falk)
Character DEF Up N/A N/A
GE Combat Wear (Falk)
Damage Reduction Name: Hell’s Hurricane

Damage Mod: 950.00%

Mod/sec: 196.55%

Ailment: N/A

GE Ceremonial (Falk)
Combo Attack Dmg Up Name: Grave Blast

Damage Mod: 3700.00%

Mod/sec: 716.13%

Ailment: N/A

Ghost Squadron Gear
Pull Attack Dmg Up Name: Dead End Mayhem

Damage Mod: 8270.00%

Mod/sec: 954.97%

Ailment: N/A


‎ ‎

Weapons and Artes

Weapon Rarity Passive Boost Arte Info Charge
Twin Daggers
Character ATK Up N/A N/A
Falconwing Twin Blades
Critical Hit Rate Up Name: Attack Up (Buff)

Buff Type: ATK UP AttackUp.png

Saw Twin Blades
Character ATK Up II Name: Critical Up (Buff)

Buff Type: Critical Hit Rate Up CritRateUp.png

Grape Twin Blades
Critical Hit Dmg Up Name: Regenerate (Healing)

Heal Type: Gradual Heal GradualHeal.png

Blaze Ceremonial Twin Blades
Burn Arte Dmg Up Name: Flame Ball (Projectile)

Element: Burn

Ailment: Burn [BRN] Burn.png

Damage Mod: 500.00%

GE Ceremonial Twin Blades
Lightning Arte Dmg Up Name: Thunderbolt (Projectile)

Element: Lightning

Ailment: Shock [SHK] ElectricShock.png

Damage Mod: 500.00%

Lazulite Twin Blades
Freezing Arte Dmg Up Name: Blizzard (Projectile)

Element: Freezing

Ailment: Freeze [FRZ] Frozen.png

Damage Mod: 500.00%

Golden Skullish Blades
Impact Arte Dmg Up Name: Strike Burst (Burst)

Element: Impact

Ailment: N/A

Damage Mod (from epicenter): 1800.00%

Quad Hollow Twin Blades
Slash Arte Damage Up Name: Slash Enchantment (Enchant)

Enchant Type: Projectile SlashEnchant.png

Ailment: N/A



Chronology Timeline

Released Episodes

Episode 1: The Lone Falcon

Chapter 1: The Falcon Descends

Chapter 2: Solitude Is My Style

Chapter 3: Looming High

Chapter 4: Three Take Flight

Episode 2: The Ghost-Devouring Falcon

About Team Lawrence's assignment to get rid of a group of mercenaries which also happened to steal Falk's old squad name.

Chapter 1: Dreams of Farewell

In the wilderness somewhere, the injured Falk found Joyce, his friend and their "Ghost Squadron" squad's leader resting his even more injured body beside a big pile of rocks.
Falk tried to help Joyce but got told by him that it was already too late and that Falk should run away. Falk got so angry he almost punched Joyce.
Suddenly, a huge feral monster appeared in front of them. Sensing that it's the same one that had attacked Joyce, Falk charged into it.

Surrounded by the huge monster and more of other beasts, Falk fought them the best he could while yelling out to Joyce not to die on him.
Shouting that both of them, the strongest mercenaries, Falk and Joyce, who got no money, no family, no training, who were nothing but ghosts with no places in society, only had places in battlefields, had sworn to show the world what they could do, what they could be, to leave their names in history, and that they wouldn't stop until they reached their goal. That that's why Joyce must not die there.

After Falk defeated the monsters, Joyce praised him, asked him what he would like to be, that they wouldn't always be ghosts, that ghosts would be banished when morning comes and they would be born anew. He said he thought it's morning soon.

Joyce couldn't make it back alive.

Chapter 2: Pursuing Prey

Woke up from the same dream he had always had since back then, Falk went to canteen in order to have his lunch.
Before he could get to his lunch, however, he was greeted by Hugo and Amelie who told him about their new missions, so he decided to just skip the meal.
When Amelie was going to start explaining what they needed to do, Falk got impatient and told her to just talk about it on the way before setting off.

And so there they were at Highgarden Capital, Amelie told Falk that they were assigned to take care of a group of mercenaries that was hired by the soldiers but then the group just started pillaging in the middle of a mission.
Falk got pissed off by the he-called-them third rated mercenaries group that made real mercenaries look bad and started by looking for outcasts living on the streets to ask them for more information of the group.
Falk asked Amelie if the group had a name, which she answered that they called themselves "Ghost Squadron".
Falk couldn't believe it and told Hugo and Amelie that the group had died long time ago. Hugo wondered if the group was going with "ghosts can't die" idea. Falk unamusingly rejected the notion.

Lawrence team went to the backstreets, knocked out some approaching thugs in progress, and found a boy called out to Falk.
The boy's name was Salim, he currently worked as a peddler in neighboring towns.
He and Falk had known each other when Falk was still on the streets in the Capital and he was a big fan of Falk.
Salim asked if Falk was there because of the new Ghost Squadron, so Falk asked him about the group.
The boy asked them to bring him with them in exchange for the information. Falk instantly refused but Amelie and Hugo thought it's fine to let the boy come with them, so that they can divide teams to look for information more efficiently.
Amelie went and set up two teams: one with her and Hugo, and another with Falk and (approved be Amelie herself) provisional member Salim. Falk totally had no say in it.

Salim led Falk to Sundown Alley to meet with an information broker who should know about the issue.
They got approached by groups of thugs who didn't let them get through, so Falk just beat them all up while also trying to keep the boy out of danger.
Falk and Salim arrived at the Bar. A man told Falk to fight him as the last test before he could get what he wanted and Falk won against him.

The man knew that Falk was called Falk the Tyrant in the past. While Salim got shocked that the man knew the name, Falk just identified him that the man was the said broker called Doohan who they were looking for, at which the man admitted.
Doohan knew that Falk was there for the "Ghost Squadron" information. He told Falk that he had sold them good amounts of information and told Falk where to find them.

Chapter 3: In a Dark Hole

With that information, Lawrence Team went in the "Ghost Squadron" group's hideout through their front gate. Storming in past all the thugs.

Hugo asked Falk why he seemed especially pissed off more than usual when he heard the group's name, and asked if the former "Ghost Squadron" has anything to do with him.
Falk told them that original Ghost Squadron consisted of two mercenaries, the leader of the group had died and the only survivor was him.
Hugo and Amelie told him that from their investigation, they found that the current leader of "Ghost Squadron" was a woman.

Whacking thugs through the buildings, they still couldn't find the leader.
Falk began to wonder if they got tricked by the broker while Hugo suggested for them to research the buildings first before getting to the conclusion.

They found a man in one big room. The man thought they are imperial soldiers and said he didn't expect them to find the man's group hideout. The man told them this place was not their main base and he guessed they already knew that.

They fought and when Falk was going to finish him off, the man told him that the group had got a hold of Salim who reached the place before them, currently the boy was in their main base. The man ridiculed him, saying how sad it was that he, Falk the Tyrant, couldn't protect his friend. Falk raged and immediately killed the man without knowing where the said base was.

Hugo said they might still be able to save Salim in time. Falk snapped at him, asking how would they save the boy without knowing where to go.

At that exact moment, Amelie found a piece of paper with symbols on it.

Chapter 4: The Vanishing Ghost

The symbols were used when Falk was still on the streets, so he could read it.
The content in the paper told Falk where the main base was.

Along the way to the cave that was where the main baae was located in, Falk complained about how Salim went in the base by himself and got captured, that it was when weaklings tried to act tough like this that they brought themselves to death.
Amelie asked if this whole incident made Falk think about Joyce's death and if that's why he was angry. Falk flatly declined.
After a while, Amelie asked Falk if he lived on the streets after he left the orphanage which he answered yes, out there he talked with his fists and lived as he pleased. He also told them that it was then when he met Salim who was an orphan who kept getting bullied and stolen food and gald by other kids.
Seeing too much of it, Falk back then allowed the boy to go with him to work and after that he couldn't get the boy away from him.
Telling all this, he confirmed that he just didn't want to have the sight of the boy's corpse haunting him.

Falk, Hugo and Amelie got rid of the guards in front of the cave and went inside.
In the middle of the cave, they found Salim's belongings dropped on the floor, the bag confirmed that they had took the right way.
Storming through swarms of beasts and thugs in the cave, they found themselves with biggest hoards of beasts.
Hugo and Amelie told Falk to go ahead because there was not much time left to save Salim.
Falk sped into the deepest part of the cave after telling both people not to die on him.

Falk ran into the "Ghost Squadron" leader trying to have Salim join them or they might just have to kill him.
The leader greeted Falk and told him that ghosts like him should just stay buried in the past.
Falk swept away some good amount of the group's thugs. There, Amelie and Hugo came in the scene.

Seeing that there was no way to talk Lawrence Team to join them, the leader got in to the fight to finish them off herself.
Observing the way she fought, Hugo pointed out that she was actually a stigmata knight.
Now that they could identify her, the leader didn't feel she had any reasons to conceal her identity anymore.

It was Federation's scheme to infiltrate in the Empire, pretending to be bandits. However, the leader found herself enjoyed being able to just take things from people, to live like a ghost without rules. Falk thought she had got some issues but that had nothing to do with him. The only issue for him was how she stole his squad's name and that's why he would end her here.

The leader lost the fight but she didn't regret it. She said she was satisfied to the point that she didn't even need a grave, even if it's just going to end like this.
She told him that as a noble, she had never had freedom before in her life, everything was decided for her, so now she was fine to just die on her own terms as a nameless ghost. She couldn't understand why Falk gave up being a ghost.

Falk told her he was different from her, that he one day wanted to have it all, and that ghosts didn't get to have anything, couldn't even live in the light.
The woman laughed and said having it all wasn't really worth a thing.
Falk said that's what for him to decided by himself and finished her off.

Falk was still pissed off how the woman said having it all wasn't worth a thing.
Hugo said she might have her own struggles.
Falk said it didn't matter since she's dead now.

Salim ran back to them and got scolded by Falk. He apologized to Falk saying he just wanted to be of use to him, or more like, to have Falk be proud of him.
Falk told Salim to be more careful because it didn't matter how brave one was when they ended up dead.

The morning seemed to have come.

Falk hoped that this time the light would really banish all the ghosts.

Falk Episode 1: "The Lone Falcon"

Chapter 1: "The Falcon Descends"

Chapter 2: "Solitude Is My Style"

Chapter 3: "Looming High"

Chapter 4: "Three Take Flight"

Falk Episode 2: "The Ghost-Devouring Falcon"

Chapter 1: "Dreams of Farewell"
Location Part Gather Points Enemies Breakables
Gildllan Empire - Mt. Tor 1 Grelfedher


Chapter 2: "Pursuing Prey"
Location Part Gather Points Enemies Breakables
Gildllan Empire - Highgarden Capital 3 Ghost Squad Member
6 Ghost Squad Member 43
8 Doohan
Chapter 3: "In a Dark Hole"
Location Part Gather Points Enemies Breakables
Gildllan Empire - Suburb Ruins 2 Ghost Squad Member
3 8
4 Ghost Squad Member
5 CornedMeat.pngImperialWine.png


Ghost Squad Member 17
6 CornedMeat.pngImperialWine.png



Ghost Squad Member 12
7 4
9 Ghost Squad Member
10 Ghost Squad Member 4
11 Ghost Squad Member
13 Ghost Squad Member
15 Ghost Squad Sub-Leader
Chapter 4: "A Vanishing Ghost"
Location Part Gather Points Enemies Breakables
Gildllan Empire - Reintz Barrens 1 LittleBug.pngMauveMalus.png







2 Howlgar




3 Flour.pngSugar.png Nevarm



4 RefreshingHerbs.pngParsley.png Howline 16
5 RefreshingHerbs.pngParsley.png
6 Ghost Squad Member
Gildllan Empire - Path of Echoes 8 MushroomHeap.pngCaveSprouts.png








9 Howlgar



10 MushroomHeap.png Jafra


11 MushroomHeap.png Howline



12 Ghost Squad Member
13 MushroomHeap.png Howline



14 MushroomHeap.png Howline


15 Howline


16 Ghost Squad Member
17 Ghost Squad Member


Unreleased Episodes

Episode 3: Even if We are Alone

Chapter 1: Falcon's Blind Spot

Chapter 2: A Hefty Price

Chapter 3: A War between Scum

Chapter 4: Our Style

Episode 4: For my Glory but not for Him

Chapter 1: His Reasons

Chapter 2: In the Shadow of Glory

Chapter 3: The Breakup

Chapter 4: My Way and His Way

Recipe Name Unlock Condition Ingredients Total Cost Buff
Ahsbam Tavern's Meatballs
Episode Final Chapter 3 Part 4:

Talk to the group of people arguing, south of Mabo Curry Shop

MarbleMuzzMeat.pngMarble Muzz Meat x2

SnowFoxberry.pngSnow Foxberry x1

HoneyPotato.pngHoney Potato x2

Onion.pngOnion x1

PolwigleCream.pngPolwigle Cream x1

2310Gald.png AttackUp.png ATK UP ‎

CritDmgUp.png Critical Hit Dmg. UP ‎II ‎

Amelie's Stamina Bowl
August Episode 1 Chapter 4:

Talk to Amelie

GroundMeat.pngGround Meatx1

MeatFilet.pngMeat Filet x1

SoftBoiledEgg.pngSoft-Boiled Egg x1

PolwigleTofu.pngPolwigle Tofu x1

WhiteRice.pngWhite Rice x1

1820Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (L)

Chargrilled Meat Fest
Max 50 Dishes BeastSinew.pngBeast Sinew x15

FineDryAgedMeat.pngFine Dry-Aged Meat x10

FreshLiver.pngFresh Liver x10

FlexyThighMeat.pngFlexy Thigh Meat x15

MeatFilet.pngMeat Filet x10

15615Gald.png AttackUp.pngAttack UP V

Chicken Wing Skewers
Maxime Episode 1 Chapter 3:

Talk to Food Cart Vendor next to the armor shop

TenderWingMeat.pngTender Wing Meat x3

PinkSalt.pngPink Salt x2

JafraCartilage.pngJafra Cartilage x1

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x3

1975Gald.png DefenseUp.pngDEF UP II

Resistance.png[POI] Resistance ‎

Desert Kebab Sandwich
Episode Final Chapter 3 Part 4:

Talk to the group of people arguing, south of Mabo Curry Shop

FlexyThighMeat.pngFlexy Thigh Meat x4

DesertBeans.pngDesert Beans x2

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x3

Flour.pngFlour x2

CactusFruit.pngCactus Fruit x2

2500Gald.png DefenseUp.png DEF UP ‎

Resistance.png [BRN] Resistance ‎II ‎

Egg Cutlet Sandwich
Alexandra Episode 1 Chapter 2:

Talk to the man next to Laplace

Flour.pngFlour x3

ScrambledEggs.pngScrambled Eggs x1

MeatFilet.pngMeat Filet x1

FuloonOil.pngFuloon Oil x1

Cabbage.pngCabbage x2

2028Gald.png CritDmgUp.pngCritical Hit Dmg. UP II

Resistance.png[SHK] Resistance ‎

December 25, 2021 Dev's Gift NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

SpringWater.pngSpring Water x3

357Gald.png Heal.pngFull Heal

Fine Dry-Aged Steak
Falk Episode 1 Chapter 2:

Talk to the man in front of the Dining Tent

FineDryAgedMeat.pngFine Dry-Aged Meat x1

Garlic.pngGarlic x1

LightningApple.pngLightning Apple x1

SourCream.pngSour Creamx1

PolwigleButter.pngPolwigle Butter x1

1500Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (M)

DefenseUp.pngDEF UP ‎

Golden Roast Beast Nest Bowl
Falk Episode 2 Chapter 4:

After the fight, Amelie will share the recipe

GoldFiber.pngGold Fiber x1

PoachedEgg.pngPoached Egg x1

WhiteRice.pngWhite Rice x2

MeatFilet.pngMeat Filet x1

RoyalJelly.pngRoyal Jelly x1

2410Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (M)

AttackUp.pngATK UP ‎

Hardcore Barbecue Ribs
Cook 300 of Falk's Favorite Foods SpareRibs.pngSpare Ribs x1

Garlic.pngGarlic x1

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x2

Honey.pngHoney x2

SweetTomato.pngSweet Tomato x1

1488Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (S)

GradualHeal.pngGradual Heal II

MysticArteGainUp.pngMystic Arte Gauge Fill Rate UP ‎

Macho-Piled Stew
Maxime Episode 1 Chapter 3:

Talk to Food Cart Vendor at the frontmost of town

TenderWingMeat.pngTender Wing Meat x4

WhiteRadish.pngWhite Radish x3

GlassNoodles.pngGlass Noodles x4

BraisedEgg.pngBraised Egg x1

LavaRock.pngLava Rock x4

2536Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (M)

CritDmgUp.pngCritical Hit Dmg. UP ‎

Noble Apple Tea
Noble Pass Coin Exchange NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

TeaLeaves.pngTea Leaves x3

KitoleurApple.pngKitoleur Apple x4

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x3

1189Gald.png ArteGaugeMax.pngArte Gauge MAX Fill

MysticArteGaugeMax.pngMystic Arte Gauge MAX Fill ‎

Noble Baked Apple
Noble Pass Coin Exchange NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

KitoleurApple.pngKitoleur Apple x2

PolwigleButter.pngPolwigle Butter x1

TeaLeaves.pngTea Leaves x2

ForestNuts.pngForest Nuts x1

1156Gald.png Heal.pngFull Heal

MoveSpdUp.pngMovement Spd. BOOST UP ‎

Noble Mabo Curry
Noble Pass Coin Exchange NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

PolwigleTofu.pngPolwigle Tofu x1

GroundMeat.pngGround Meat x1

WhiteRice.pngWhite Rice x1

NumbingPeppers.pngNumbing Peppers x1

1610Gald.png Heal.pngFull Heal

Recover.pngNegative Status Effect Full Recover ‎

Noble Rice Croquette
Noble Pass Coin Exchange NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

Flour.pngFlour x2

WhiteRice.pngWhite Rice x1

JuicyHam.pngJuicy Ham x2

MushroomHeap.pngMushroom Heap x2

1006Gald.png Heal.pngFull Heal

AttackUp.pngAttack BOOST UP ‎

Schnitzel & Tartar Sauce
Alexandra Episode 2 Chapter 1 Part 2:

Talk to the woman next to the Inn

MeatFilet.pngMeat Filet x1

Flour.pngFlour x2

HardBoiledEgg.pngHard Boiled Egg x1

IdyllLemon.pngIdyll Lemon x1

FuloonOil.pngFuloon Oil x1

1612Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (M)

Resistance.png[SLP] Resistance II ‎

Stamina-Packed Liver Sauté
May 25, 2022 Developer's Gift FreshLiver.pngFresh Liver x2

SpringChives.pngSpring Chives x1

Garlic.pngGarlic x1

CaveSprouts.pngCave Sprouts x1

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x1

1882Gald.png ArteGainUp.pngArte Gauge Fill Rate UP III

Tender Braised Mijeero
Crossroads Episode 1 Chapter 2 Part 4:

Talk to the Woman in a Blue Dress

CollagenMeat.pngCollagen Meat x2

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x2

BraisedEgg.pngBraised Egg x1

SandGinger.pngSand Ginger x1

1604Gald.png AttackUp.pngATK UP

ArteGainUp.pngArte Gauge Fill Rate UP II ‎

Tender Weisswurst
Hugo Episode 2 Chapter 1 Part 2:

Talk to the Soldier standing in front of the Mess Hall's door

ZaloogoBreast.pngZaloogo Breast x1

PolwigleButter.pngPolwigle Butter x1

ImmortelleFlower.pngImmortelle Flower x2

ForestGold.pngForest Gold x2

HoneyPotato.pngHoney Potato x2

2510Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (S)

GradualHeal.png Gradual Heal II

Resistance.png[BRN] Resistance ‎

Two-Sauce Steak Supreme
Falk Episode 2 Chapter 2 Part 1:

Talk to the Soldier at the aisle towards the Mess Hall

GroundMeat.pngGround Meat x1

ImperialWine.pngImperial Wine x1

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x2

SweetTomato.pngSweet Tomato x1

Onion.pngOnion x1

1704Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (M)

Resistance.png[POI] Resistance II ‎

Attachment Obtained from
Aglaya's Crown
November 2021 Raids (Aglaya)
Tarulhan's Crown
March 2022 Raids (Tarulhan)
Lazui's Crown June 2022 Raids (Random Boss)
Polwigle Crown
April Fools 2022
Toto Ears
Episode 1 Memorial
White Bread Hat
Episode 1 Memorial
Sacred Crab Hat
Episode 1 Crossroads
Lone Falcon Aviator Goggles
Fave Fest 11 (Falk Ep 2)
Dog Face with an Attitude
Fave Fest 15 (Edouard Ep 2)
Attachment Obtained from
Spiky Rogue Spaulder
Fave Fest 11 (Falk Ep 2)
Attachment Obtained from
Serpentus Arm Shield
Fave Fest 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 (Gemslay)
Attachment Obtained from
Feather Brooch
Available Immediately
Fave Emblem (Falk)
Episode 1 Memorial
Attachment Obtained from
Ecru Tail
Gift from Devs (April 19, 2022)
Toto Tail Gift from Devs (May 24, 2022)


Work In Progress
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