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About Luminaria Episodes


Tales of Luminaria features an original story portrayed in the perspective of 21 unique characters who fall under either the Jerle Federation, Gildllan Empire, or Adventurers factions. Each character is slated up to 8 episodes that have 4 Chapters each. They all happen at different points in the timeline between 950 Y.C to 1000 Y.C. After each character has their respective "episode batch" (i.e. Episode 1, Episode 2, etc.), there is a Crossroads episode released where characters from the various factions interact with each other to further the plotline.

After completing all 4 chapters, the episode will update as PartialComplete.png Complete. To FullComplete.png Full Complete an episode, all PB fragments and chests must be found, and all secret missions need to be A-ranked in addition to the story being completed.

A new episode is released every Wednesday on 1600 JST for JP server and 1800 (1900 for DST) PST for GL server.

List of Luminaria Episodes

JF Banner.png Jerle Federation LeoIcon.png Leo Fourcade CeliaIcon.png Celia Arvier MichelleIcon.png Michelle Bouquet LisetteIcon.png Lisette Regnier
LucienIcon.png Lucien Dufaure MaximeIcon.png Maxime Hasselmans VanessaIcon.png Vanessa Morax YelsyIcon.png Yelsy Tw'elteu Huainaz'jin
GE Banner.png Gildllan Empire AugustIcon.png August Wallenstein AlexandraIcon.png Alexandra Von Sonne BastienIcon.png Bastien Forge LaplaceIcon.png Laplace
GaspardIcon.png Gaspard Herbet HugoIcon.png Hugo Simon AmelieIcon.png Amelie Laurence FalkIcon.png Falk
Adv Banner.png Adventurers EdouardIcon.png Edouard Rouquier LydieIcon.png Lydie Delacroix AnaMariaIcon.png Ana-Maria Marschner CharlesIcon.png Charles
RaoulIcon.png Raoul
Crossroad Banner.png Crossroads Ep.Final Event Skits

PB-Fragment.pngPB Fragments

PB Fragments are one-time collectable items in an episode. Collecting any of these PB Fragments will count towards missions that give PB.png as a reward and collecting all these PB Fragments is needed to FullComplete.png Full Complete the episode.

TreasureChest.pngEpisode Chests

Treasure Chests are one-time collectable items in an episode. They can either contain 10,000 Gald.png or an ChestAcc.png accessory for that specific character. Sometimes, Mimics imitate treasure chests and will fight the player when interacted with. Collecting any of these treasure chests will count towards missions that give PB.png as a reward and collecting all these treasure chests is needed to FullComplete.png Full Complete the episode.

Secret Missions


Secret Missions are timed challenges that exist in each episode, excluding Crossroads. They range from fighting mobs or bosses that appeared in the episode, collecting gummies, or only using a unique skill that the character has.

There are 10 Secret Missions per episode with rewards that vary based on the Rank you received when completing the challenge. Rank C is the lowest which gives 2,000 Gald.png. Rank B is next which give 5,000 Gald.png. Finally, Rank A is the highest and the rewards vary depending on the episode batch. Episode 1 Rank A rewards are 20 PB.png while Episode 2 Rank A rewards are 10 CapPoints.png. Getting Rank A on these challenges will count towards missions that give PB.png as a reward and getting Rank A on all challenges is needed to FullComplete.png Full Complete the episode.

Below is a list of all the secret missions found in game.

Secret Missions
Mission Description
Collect a number of Gummies without being noticed
Collect as many Gummies as possible on a patara
Collect as many Gummies as possible
Mission Description
Clear each RUSH before you run out of time
Defeat all enemies ASAP
Defeat all enemies while taking minimal damage
Defeat as many enemies as you can
Keep Ana-Maria's damage to a minimum
Keep Celia's damage to a minimum
Keep Maxime's damage to a minimum
Mission Description
Defeat the therionosis patient ASAP
vs Aglaya
vs Ana-Maria & Charles
vs Arsahasa
vs Bastien
vs Becker
vs Boratilgat
vs Boratillon
vs Bourdos & Junbois & Dampf
vs Catherine
vs Charles
vs Demonigrenze
vs Demorabyss
vs Demorvera
vs Demoulin
vs Doohan
vs Dugecko
vs Evidecisor
vs Fake Malraux
vs Falk
vs Flamagorne
vs Grace
vs Grelfedher
vs Howline-Duke
vs Hugo
vs Kaizaloogo
vs Karin
vs Laplace
vs Leo & Celia & Vanessa
vs Leo & Hugo
vs Leo
vs Lisette
vs Lucien & Maxime
vs Lucien
vs Ludwig
vs Madre Gante
vs Maxime & Yelsy
vs Maxime
vs The Fugitive
vs Uchilchil
vs Ursuratos
vs Vanessa
vs Virunga
vs Waldkrieger
vs Zavtenta
Mission Description
SCORE as high as you can in the Ball
SCORE as high as you can in the shooting gallery
Shoot as many targets as you can
Mission Description
Reach the designated point ASAP
Reach the designated point without being noticed
Reach the goal ASAP while riding a patara
Mission Description
Defeat a number of enemies using Counter Attacks
Defeat a number of enemies with Lightning Flash
Defeat a number of enemies with parry

Likes and Comments


After completing the story of an episode, the player is given a chance to leave a like and/or comment on the episode. The player is also able to like existing comments from other players. While no max amount of likes have been reached on an episode, there is a limit of 1000 comments. The oldest comments will be replaced in visibility with the newer comments. However, old comments with a high number of likes still remain visible due to the filtering capability in the game.

Level Up Camp


Level Up Camp allows players to level up their 21 playable characters outside of their respective episodes. There are 3 (soon to be 6) level up camp maps that have different enemies to cater to the different playstyles of the characters. Each camp is a rush style battle with 7 waves and lasts for a max of 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Below is the list of locations and enemies to encounter in each map.

Location Enemies
Camp AnthwanForest.png

Anthwan Forest

Polwigle, Warbee, Howline, Howlgar
Camp IdyllRise.png

Idyll Rise

Yewigle, Warbee, Bonse
Camp EchoingHollow.png

Echoing Hollow

Jafra, Purwigle
Camp MtTor.png

Mt. Tor

Torwigle, Howline, Howlgar, Gancray, Kruncher, Calva, Madre Gante
Camp GiantsLostHome.png

Giant's Lost Home

Purwigle, Rewigle, Zewolf, Erju, Flamger, Flamgelker, Flamador
Camp PoetsHollow.png

Poet's Hollow

Purwigle, Howline, Howlgar, Hekayl, Toombee, Lusako, Tepe Kruncher, JF Shades, Clone