Gaspard Herbet

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Basic Info Outfits
Gender Male
Birthday March 6, Year 972
Place of Birth Clevus Village, Miasui Icedom
Affiliation Gildllan Empire
Weapon Type Twin guns
English VA Daman Mills
Japanese VA Daiki Hamano

Insert Description Here

Basic and Charge Attacks

Still in-work

Attack Name Damage Modifier Crit Rate Ailment Notes
Combo Hit 1 45.00% x2 -100.00%
Combo Hit 2 30.00% x2 -100.00%
Combo Hit 3 80.00% 5.00%
Combo Hit 4 110.00% x2 -100.00%
Approaching Slide 28.00% x4 -100.00%
Shadow Bind 35.00% -100.00%
Inflicts Shadowbind
Finisher Attack (Reticle Shot) 400.00% -100.00% Dispels Shadowbind

Armors and Mystic Artes

Costume Rarity Costume Passive Mystic Arte Info Charge
Daily Wear (Gaspard)
Character DEF Up N/A N/A
GE Combat Wear (Gaspard)
Damage Reduction Name: Bullet Hail

Damage Mod: 4500.00%

Mod/sec: 957.45%

Ailment: N/A

GE Ceremonial (Gaspard)
Finisher Dmg Up Name: Leaping Shadow

Damage Mod: 3720.00%

Mod/sec: 496.00%

Ailment: Shadowbind [SDB] Shadowbind.png

Ailment Inflict Value: 1500


‎ ‎

Weapons and Artes

Weapon Rarity Passive Boost Arte Info Charge
Character ATK Up N/A N/A
Guiding Twin Revolvers
Critical Hit Rate Up Name: Defense Up (Buff)

Buff Type: DEF UP DefenseUp.png

Thorny Twin Pistols
Combo Attack Dmg Up Name: Critical Up (Buff)

Buff Type: Critical Hit Rate Up CritRateUp.png

Pink Beast Pistols
Character ATK Up II Name: Regenerate (Healing)

Heal Type: Gradual Heal GradualHeal.png

Academy Instructor Guns
Freezing Arte Dmg Up Name: Blizzard (Projectile)

Element: Freezing

Ailment: Freeze [FRZ] Frozen.png

Damage Mod: 500.00%

GE Ceremonial Handguns
Trap Arte Dmg Up Name: Icicle Spike (Trap)

Element: Freezing

Ailment: Freeze [FRZ] Frozen.png

Damage Mod: 500.00%

Dreamy Lamp Guns
Surrogate Arte Durability Up Name: Surrogate Demon (Companion)

Element: Impact

Ailment: N/A

Damage Mod: 800.00%

Freezing Derringer
Chill Zone Range Up Name: Chill Zone (Magic Circle)

Element: Freezing

Ailment: Freeze [FRZ] Frozen.png

Damage Mod: 300.00%



Chronology Timeline

Released Episodes

Episode 1: The Stooge

About Gaspard and his mission in Fort Bainset, near Jeanholts Village in Gildlland Empire in 998 Y.C.

Chapter 1: The Good Guy

Having to get in the tightly secured fort, Gaspard was observing and wondering what's the best way to do it without getting caught, then he saw the Empire soldier guards easily let the nearby town baker getting in, so he decided what he would do while also having heard some extra information from the soldiers...

Gaspard ended up acting like an unemployed person and was having quite carefree life in the peaceful village for good amount of period of time while waiting for the chance to help the baker delivering bread to the fort.

Today Gaspard also got free delicious leftover bread from the baker, Reiser, who hoped his son, Carl, wouldn't end up like Gaspard, having no job and keep loitering around. With that small opening, Gaspard tried to have the baker giving him the job but got ignored, so Gaspard tried to find more info about the bakery father and son.

Asking around the village, Gaspard found out that:

- Reiser the baker lost his wife years ago and had to raise his son by himself

- The son, Carl, was nearly 10 years old, and was not happy with his father having to deliver bread to the fort everyday

- The father and the son used to get along better

- Carl had been wondering if his father would also forget about his mother death anniversary too this year

So Gaspard worked with all the info, he talked with Carl, ensured him that his father will have time for the anniversary this year which Carl told him would be the following day. He also talked other villager to convince Reiser to allow him to help with the bakery job, which succeeded.

New day, the baker had Gaspard help buying ingredients and doing deliveries in the village, but didn't allow him to deliver bread to the fort because it's against the agreement he had with the soldiers.

Finishing all errands, Gaspard talked with Carl who was disappointed that his father forgot the day again but also thought that it couldn't be helped. Gaspard encouraged the boy to talk to his father directly, "You've got to tell the people you love how you really feel. Otherwise, you will be left with a life of regrets".

The boy decided he would talk to his father. Gaspard praised him for being brave, doing the thing he couldn't do when he himself was a boy.

So the son talked to his father and had found out that his father had never forgot about the anniversary but didn't bring it up because Carl looked sad every year they spent time for the cause and decided it was better to mourn separately. Having talked it out, the father and the son reconciled.

Taking the chance, Gaspard offered to deliver the bread to the fort. The baker, with his son looking at him, could only agree to it.

Chapter 2: Infiltration

The soldiers wanted Gaspard to just leave the bread at the gate, so Gaspard told them there were new types of bread that the bakery would like the superiors to try and if they were to take a liking to it, they could talk and get them more discount. With that, the soldiers let Gaspard in.

Talking to a person who prefered to be called Past via communication arte, Gaspard got reprimanded how he took so long to do his job and was told to just do things on his own for the time being.

Getting in the fort, Gaspard saw the pink dangerous looking creature which the soldiers called Catherine. The soldier said Catherine was guarding the more important area of the fort, including where they stored important documents.

After the delivery, Gaspard contacted Past again and got told his weapon was currently in the crate in the fort's armory. Gaspard asked if Past already knew about how the obstacle Carherine was and why would he need Gaspard to infiltrate the fort if he could have people getting the weapon in already. The answer was that it was people who didn't really know what was inside the box, and that his weapon in the box would be the last support he would have for this mission.

Gaspard started using his special ability, turning himself invisible, to go pass the soldiers to the armory.

Regaining his weapons, Gaspard praised himself and his ability but then had flashback about his childhood, about his abusive father who forced him to use his special ability how his father wanted.

Gaspard wondered why that memory came up, that maybe it was because he spent time with the bakery father and son.

Dismissing the thought, he continued with his mission.

Chapter 3: Vital Documents

Failing to use his ability to bypass Catherine, he had to deal with her manually.

After knocking out Catherine, Gaspard continued to advance inside the fort with his ability. Having heard from the soldiers that the major general of the fort was going to have his tea break in the parlor, Gaspard decided to go there to investigate some more.

At the parlor room, Gaspard couldn't find anything useful but at that moment, the major general got in the room and talked about how he kept an important report in the war room, and that the report's content was essential to both the Empire and the Federation.

Having heard the information, Gaspard prepared to leave but got caught because he unintentionally dropped a book, so he had to get rid of all of his witnesses.

Rushing to the war room, Gaspard found the report that he was assigned to retrieve and glimpsed at its contents, agreeing that both sides would want to have this report.

Chapter 4: Escape

Past contacted Gaspard via Communication Artes, asking if Gaspard had already got the document and told him that Gaspard need to immediately leave or die together with the Empire soldiers in the fort because Past had already allowed the Federation army to launch an assault there. And if **she** and the others in the vanguard team were to find out that Gaspard was there, Past would erase everyone involved because the report should never be known to exist.

Halfway out, Gaspard used his ability to hide from the vanguard team consisted of Lisette, Vanessa, and Lucien. However, it almost looked like Lucien could still sense that he was there.

Escaping to the East gate the vanguard team got in, Gaspard found the gate being set on fire. He commented how Lisette had never changed, always decide to do things by herself, in this case, making it hard for the army to follow in the fort.

So Gaspard went to the west gate where he got in as bakery delivery man instead. He was stopped by the guards there and they found out how he was Federation spy and asked him if the baker also cooperated with him which Gaspard rejected.

After Gaspard got out of the fort, he contacted Past again. Past commented that it was a waste of time for Gaspard to do what he did in the village and that he didn't deserve a "good job" he had jokingly asked from Past at all, and that Gaspard better asked that from "them" instead.

Walking back to the village which already got seized by the Federation, Gaspard got showered with curses from all the villagers.

Gaspard met the baker father and son, asking Carl if they had had a good time together which they did and Gaspard was happy for them. The baker asked what would happen to them now and that if they were allowed to keep their houses, which Gaspard answered that nothing would change much and they could keep their houses. The baker asked Gaspard to leave and never show up again.

Gaspard contacted Past once more. Past wondered why Gaspard didn't tell what he had heard from the Empire soldiers before he started staying in the village, that the following day, the Empire soldiers would destroy their village to build another fort. Gaspard said he saw no point in telling them. Past gave Gaspard a "good job" and ended the call.

Mourning a bit about the lost of good bakery, Gaspard walked away with a piece of bread he got from the bakery delivery cart.

After that, Gaspard read the report thoroughly and thought that this report had more valuable information to the Federation than the Empire.

After that, Gaspard read the report thoroughly and thought that this report had more valuable information to the Federation than the Empire. He wondered about what a small world he lived in, because the report talked about the real reasons why Le Sant Village, Leo and friends' hometown, got destroyed overnight.

Gaspard Herbet Episode 1: "The Stooge"

Chapter 1: "The Good Guy"

Chapter 2: "Infiltration"

Chapter 3: "Vital Documents"
Location Part Gather Points Enemies Breakables
Silvayer Forestdom - Fort Bainset 2 Catherine
3 CornedMeat.pngImperialWine.png 13
7 Anchovies.pngCaviar.png 7
9 Anchovies.pngCaviar.png GE Soldier 9
10 CornedMeat.pngImperialWine.png GE Captain

GE Lancer

GE Soldier

12 Becker

GE Captain

GE Lancer

GE Soldier

13 Anchovies.pngCaviar.png GE Base CPL

GE Lancer

Chapter 4: "Escape"
Location Part Gather Points Enemies Breakables
Silvayer Forestdom - Fort Bainset 1 GE Captain

GE Lancer

GE Soldier

2 GE Captain

GE Lancer

GE Soldier

3 GE Base CPL

GE Captain

GE Lancer

GE Soldier

4 CornedMeat.pngImperialWine.png GE Base CPL

GE Captain

GE Lancer

GE Soldier


Unreleased Episodes

Episode 2: A Sign of Trust

Chapter 1: Earning Expenses

Chapter 2: Night in a Sea of Sand

Chapter 3: Sea of Sand, Day Two

Chapter 4: Worthy of Trust

Episode 3: Mouse Hunt

Chapter 1: Temenos Expedition

Chapter 2: Essence of Sightseeing

Chapter 3: Mouse Nest

Chapter 4: The Hunted

Episode 4: Feast for Traitors

Chapter 1: Assassination of Hugo Simon

Chapter 2: Hugo and Gaspard

Chapter 3: Gaining Proof

Chapter 4: Fate of Betrayal

Recipe Name Unlock Condition Ingredients Total Cost Buff
Blumille's Special Blended Coffee
Episode Final Chapter 3 Part 2:

Hotel Blumille, right of Pilier Gate

LavaCoffee.pngLava Coffee x2

HotSpringWater.pngHot Spring Water x2

1760Gald.png DefenseUp.pngDEF UP

Recover.png[SHK] Recover ‎

Bread Crust Gratin
Gaspard Episode 1 Chapter 1 Part 4:

Talk to the Bread Lady

Flour.pngFlour x2

PolwigleMilk.pngPolwigle Milk x2

PolwigleCheese.pngPolwigle Cheese x1

Basil.pngBasil x1

CaveSprouts.pngCave Sprouts x1

1172Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (M)

ArteGainUp.pngArte Gauge Fill Rate UP ‎

Crispy Crust Sauté
Gaspard Episode 1 Chapter 1 Part 2:

Talk to the Bread Lady

Flour.pngFlour x3

PinkSalt.pngPink Salt x2

Garlic.pngGarlic x2

1818Gald.png DefenseUp.pngDEF UP II

CritDmgUp.pngCritical Hit Dmg. UP ‎

Crusty Pain Perdu
Gaspard Episode 1 Chapter 1 Part 5:

Talk to the Bread Lady

Flour.pngFlour x2

Egg.pngEgg x2

PolwigleMilk.pngPolwigle Milk x2

Sugar.pngSugar x1

LightningApple.pngLightning Apple x1

1204Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (M)

Resistance.png[POI] Resistance II ‎

Desert Kebab Sandwich
Episode Final Chapter 3 Part 4:

Talk to the group of people arguing, south of Mabo Curry Shop

FlexyThighMeat.pngFlexy Thigh Meat x4

DesertBeans.pngDesert Beans x2

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x3

Flour.pngFlour x2

CactusFruit.pngCactus Fruit x2

2500Gald.png DefenseUp.png DEF UP ‎

Resistance.png [BRN] Resistance ‎II ‎

Egg Cutlet Sandwich
Alexandra Episode 1 Chapter 2:

Talk to the man next to Laplace

Flour.pngFlour x3

ScrambledEggs.pngScrambled Eggs x1

MeatFilet.pngMeat Filet x1

FuloonOil.pngFuloon Oil x1

Cabbage.pngCabbage x2

2028Gald.png CritDmgUp.pngCritical Hit Dmg. UP II

Resistance.png[SHK] Resistance ‎

December 25, 2021 Dev's Gift NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

SpringWater.pngSpring Water x3

357Gald.png Heal.pngFull Heal

Ham & Veggie Rustic Sandwich
May 25, 2022 Developer's Gift JuicyHam.pngJuicy Ham x3

Flour.pngFlour x3

Cabbage.pngCabbage x2

MushroomHeap.pngMushroom Heap x2

HardBoiledEgg.pngHard Boiled Egg x1

1629Gald.png Heal.pngHeal (S)

GradualHeal.pngGradual Heal III ‎

Leaving-the-Nest Crusted Toast
Ep Final Chapter 3 Part 2:

Talk to Wandering Breadist left of Pilier Gate

Flour.pngFlour x3

Egg.pngEgg x2

Parsley.pngParsley x1

Cabbage.pngCabbage x2

1380Gald.png DefenseUp.pngDEF UP II

CritDmgUp.pngCritical Hit Dmg. UP ‎ ‎

Noble Apple Tea
Noble Pass Coin Exchange NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

TeaLeaves.pngTea Leaves x3

KitoleurApple.pngKitoleur Apple x4

SeasoningSpices.pngSeasoning Spices x3

1189Gald.png ArteGaugeMax.pngArte Gauge MAX Fill

MysticArteGaugeMax.pngMystic Arte Gauge MAX Fill ‎

Noble Baked Apple
Noble Pass Coin Exchange NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

KitoleurApple.pngKitoleur Apple x2

PolwigleButter.pngPolwigle Butter x1

TeaLeaves.pngTea Leaves x2

ForestNuts.pngForest Nuts x1

1156Gald.png Heal.pngFull Heal

MoveSpdUp.pngMovement Spd. BOOST UP ‎

Noble Mabo Curry
Noble Pass Coin Exchange NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

PolwigleTofu.pngPolwigle Tofu x1

GroundMeat.pngGround Meat x1

WhiteRice.pngWhite Rice x1

NumbingPeppers.pngNumbing Peppers x1

1610Gald.png Heal.pngFull Heal

Recover.pngNegative Status Effect Full Recover ‎

Noble Rice Croquette
Noble Pass Coin Exchange NoblePowder.pngNoble Powder x1

Flour.pngFlour x2

WhiteRice.pngWhite Rice x1

JuicyHam.pngJuicy Ham x2

MushroomHeap.pngMushroom Heap x2

1006Gald.png Heal.pngFull Heal

AttackUp.pngAttack BOOST UP ‎

Tel Tepe Cactus Burger
Cook 300 of Gaspards's Favorite Foods Flour.pngFlour x2

CactusJelly.pngCactus Jelly x2

HotAvocado.pngHot Avocado x1

CactusFruit.pngCactus Fruit x1

GroundMeat.pngGround Meat x1

1420Gald.png AttackUp.pngATK UP II

ArteGainUp.pngArte Gauge Fill Rate UP II ‎

Treeberry Toast
Leo Episode 2 Chapter 4:

Talk to Carl Twice

Flour.pngFlour ×2

Treeberry.pngTreeberry ×1

PolwigleButter.pngPolwigle Butter ×1

Sugar.pngSugar ×1

FreshMint.pngFresh Mint ×1

1502Gald.png ArteGainUp.pngArte Fill Rate UP

Resistance.png[SLO] Resistance II ‎

Attachment Obtained from
Haleu's Crown
December 2021 Raids (Haleu)
Lazui's Crown June 2022 Raids (Random Boss)
Polwigle Crown
April Fools 2022
Toto Ears
Episode 1 Memorial
White Bread Hat
Episode 1 Memorial
Sacred Crab Hat
Episode 1 Crossroads
Spy Glasses
Fave Fest 1 (Lydie Ep 1)
Intelligence Gear
Fave Fest 6 (Lisette Ep 2)
Attachment Obtained from
Attachment Obtained from
Aquarian Arm Shield
Fave Fest 1 and 3 (Sankara)
Cryptodira Arm Shield
Fave Fest 5 and 6 (Watamusubi)
Attachment Obtained from
Feather Brooch
Available Immediately
Fave Emblem (Gaspard)
Episode 1 Memorial
Attachment Obtained from
Ecru Tail
Gift from Devs (April 19, 2022)
Toto Tail Gift from Devs (May 24, 2022)


Work In Progress
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