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Tales of Luminaria had an opening theme that played at the beginning of each character episode as well as an ending theme at the end of the episode. The opening and ending visuals were catered to each character and the supporting main characters found in the episode, so almost each opening and ending was unique.

A different theme was used during the trailers for the game and were only used for those trailers.

Full Version Song Links

Opening Song Full Version

Youtube: Tomoshi Beat - Frederic

Ending Song Full Version

Youtube: Regret - Keina Suda

Trailer Song Full Version

Youtube: Answer - Frederic x Keina Suda

These songs are also available on Spotify.

Character Episode Videos

Jerle Federation

Expand for the ending and openings for the Jerle Federation.

Gildllan Empire

Expand for the ending and openings for the Gildllan Empire.


Expand for the ending and openings for the Adventurers.

Crossroads and Final Episode Videos

Expand for the openings and ending for the Crossroads Episode and Final Episode.


Gameplay Trailers

Expand for the English and Japanese gameplay trailers.

Character Trailers

Expand for the English character trailers.

Expand for the Japanese character trailers.